Last week a coaching webinar was arranged to promote floorball in India. The webinar was attended by over 250 participants and is a great example of the partnership between IFF and Special Olympics.

The Special Olympics India was represented by Sports Director Mr. Victor Vaz and Floorball India was represented by Secretary General Mr. Pradeep Singh. The President of Special Olympics Asia Pacific Mr. Depak Natali was also attending the panel when the two organisations hosted a floorball webinar for coaches from both organisations.

The seminar was conducted by Mr. Steen Houman, who is a Central Board member of the IFF and Chairman at Special Olympics Floorball Resource Team.

– The webinar was a huge success with 256 participating at the two hour long webinar. The next goal is to have a webinar for the same group where the topic will be the role of the referee. The total number of athletes in Special Olympics Bharat is now 7000,  Mr. Houman informs.

The IFF and Special Olympics signed back in 2012 a partnership in order to promote floorball in both organisations.

– This has been a fruitful partnership for both organisations, and with the support from IFF, floorball is now played in 56 Special Olympics countries, and the work to spread floorball in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Middle East continues, so that floorball within a few years will be played in at least 100 countries within Special Olympics, Mr. Houman concludes.

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