A total of seven Member Associations will be testing one or several of the rule proposals that shall be tested for edition 2022 of the Floorball Game Rules.

Normally there are one or two Associations testing the rules, Martin Klabere, IFF Rules and Competition Committee (RACC) Chair, informs and continues:

– The RACC held a meeting over Teams the other day and the group expressed how happy they were that so many countries want to help floorball to test the effects of possible new rules and really look forward to see the outcome of the testing.

The rules to be tested, and the test Associations, were decided in the last IFF Central Board meeting to be as follows:

1) Free hit as beginning of power play after delayed penalty (503.9/507.23)
Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Italy and Norway

2) Allow a player to intentionally kick the ball more than once (507.8)
Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland and Switzerland (if possible, for two years)

3) Install the possibilities for 2+2 minutes bench penalty (60X) When a field player playing the ball raises his stick in the back swing before hitting the ball, or in the forward swing after hitting the ball hits an opponent´s face. Finland

4) Replace the 5-minute bench penalty with a 2+2-minute bench penalty (60X)
Sweden (for two years, only stop earlier if not working) and Switzerland (if possible, for two years)

The complete game rule change process of is found here!

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