The IFF Athletes’ Commission usually hold their annual meeting in conjunction with the U19 World Championships, but with the postponement of that event until September, and the restrictions on travelling due to COVID-19, this year the meeting went online.

After the elections for the male committee members in February this year, there were two new faces – Sergio Garces from Spain and Jarno Ihme from Finland. They joined the ‘old’ faces for a very constructive meeting in which the ATC discussed the IFF Strategy for 2021-2032, the proposed rule changes, and how they can be visible in more IFF social media platforms.

In regards to the IFF Strategy, the athletes all agreed that the sharing of ideas between the member associations, especially to do with coaching, was very important for the development of the sport. The development of a coordinated coaching exchange between all members was flagged as a top priority.

The development of new forms of the game, with modified playing time or number of players, will be key for the inclusion of Floorball into multi-sport events, but many felt that keeping the traditional format for World Championships was also very important.

With a new media plan for the ATC you can be sure to see all these faces much more often.

The main role of the ATC is to act as the voice for Floorball players around the world, so if you have any questions for the ATC or topics that you would like them to discuss with the IFF on your behalf you can contact the ATC directly:

Did you know…

Yui doesn’t eat candy or chocolates. Jarno’s autobiography will be called ‘Wonder child’. Eliisa is a dentist. Tomas & Sergio have challenged each other to a tennis match at their next meeting. Lidwien is the tallest international female player ever. Junoh has two birthdays. Josefina could have been a top footballer, but chose floorball. Agata has done floorball commentary for Polish TV.

For more information on all of the ATC members and their work go here


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