The Iran Floorball Association has elected new members to the Central Board of the Association. The new members are Dr. Mehdi Karimi Tafrshi and Dr. Mohammad javad Mohammadi Noori.

The elections were made during the Iran Floorball Association Central Boards meeting on May 10th 2020.

Dr. Mehdi Karimi Tafrshi is currently the CEO of the Golha Food Industries Factory Group, the Chairman of Central board of the Food Producers Cooperative, and a member of Central board of the House of Youth Industry and Trade and also the top entrepreneur in the Islamic world. In addition to the above-mentioned responsibilities, Dr. Tafreshi has countless international national honours.

President Ramezenali Davalo with Dr. Mehdi Karimi Tafrshi


Dr. Mohammad Javad Mohammadi Noori also has the position as advisor to the Islamic Council of Tehran in his resume.

President Ramezenali Davalo with Dr. Mohammad Javad Mohammadi Noori














Current CB members of the Iran Floorball Association:

  • Ramezanali Davalo – president
  • Abdolreza Ansari – Vice president
  • Ali Mohtasham Amiri – Executive committee member
  • Dr Morteza Barari – Member
  • Dr Mahdi Karimi Tafreshi – Member
  • Dr Mohammad Javad Mohammadi Noori – Member
  • Dr Amin Mahmoudinia – Member
  • Hamed Arab – Secretary General
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