Europe’s largest brand for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, GROHE, is part of the Men’s World Floorball Championships 2020 partner network. Water is of course one of GROHE’s most important theme since it’s closely connected with its products and sports in many ways.  

– It’s great that the Men’s WFC tournament is played in Finland after a decade. We want to be part of this journey and communicate about the important themes to the sports community, says Tanja Stade, Marketing Manager at GROHE Finland.

Shared values bring partners together

The official tournament partners have enabled different projects and one of them has been the campaign in cooperation with Hope ry  (Equal Opportunity – charity campaign). The campaign also continues this upcoming autumn.

– Of course, we hope that through the partnership GROHE is seen in a positive way. The WFC 2020 partner network offers us many interesting projects to take part in. Together with the official partners we have for example made the campaign by Hope possible and this really shows how shared values bring the partners together, Tanja Stade continues.

The products by GROHE are closely connected to water. In Finland, the quality of water is amongst the best in the world and GROHE wants to make sure its high quality remains also in the future. The #drinkwater campaign launched by GROHE challenges you to share, why you choose water as the number one drink.

– The purpose of the video is to remind everyone that water is still the healthiest and best choice to quench thirst on the floorball court and elsewhere. We are very happy that many active players as well as sports fans joined to make this video. Anyone can take part by sharing their video or photo with hashtag #drinkwater
, Tanja says.

Taking part in the final moments of the WFC

GROHE is strongly part of the WFC 2020 final weekend and there is something planned that has never been seen in a floorball match before.

–  The playing surface at Hartwall Arena will become alive since there will be a pre-game show done with a floor projection technique before every match. This will emphasise GROHE’s values without forgetting visuality and storytelling, Tanja concludes.

More information: GROHE website, Waterbarometer & WFC 2020 website

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