Estonian national team players Diana Klavan, Oliver Savi and Edith Parnik and the Women’s national team team head coach Pavel Semenov received financial recognition: Klavan and Savi from the Estonian Ministry of Culture and Parnik and Semenov from the Estonian Olympic Committee.

Diana Klavan and Edith Parnik played in the recent Women’s WFC in Neuchâtel, where Pavel Semenow coached them. Oliver Savi has represented the Men’s national team for example in the Men’s WFC 2018 in Prague and in the recent Men’s WFCQ 2020.

Estonia’s #44 Oliver Savi at the Men’s WFCQ 2020. Photo: Nikolaj Richelsen


Diana Klavan and Oliver Savi were among 77 athletes who received national sports scholarships for 2020. The amount of individual scholarship is 840 euros per semester and it is the same for every athlete. The sports scholarship is a state support intended to stimulate top results. The scholarship is awarded twice a year by the Estonian Ministry of Culture and the 2020 state budget for sports scholarships is 124,900 euros. When determining the receivers of the scholarships, the results achieved in international competitions, position of the sports association and professional attitude of the athlete are taken into account.

Pavel Semenov coaching team Estonia at the WFC 2019. Photo: Fabrice Duc


Edith Parnik and Pavel Semenov received financial recognition from the Estonian Olympic Committee in the Notice the Next Generation -project. In total 31 young athletes and 27 coaches from 23 sports who have shown results among adults received a scholarship. The majority of athletes in the project are born in 1997-2000 and they have successfully competed in adult title competitions and shown outstanding results last season. This year’s scholarships total is 83,000 euros.

Sources:  Kultuuriministeerium & Eesti Olümpiakomitee


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