The work to update the IFF Strategy for 2021 – 2032 continued when the IFF Strategy Task Force (STF) held its fourth meeting, on April 1st, through Teams. During this meeting, the STF went through the different parts of the IFF Strategy and finalised the first Strategy document draft.

After an additional STF comment round the draft IFF Strategy document has now been sent out to the IFF Central Board for approval. When the IFF CB has approved the document, the plan is to send the draft version out for consultation to the IFF Member Associations, IFF Committees and other stakeholders.

–  During the meeting, we took yet another step forward in the process and we now have all the necessary parts included. The IFF Strategy Task Force think that it is important to listen to the members and other stakeholders when preparing the IFF Strategy 2021 – 2032 and therefore we hope that all our stakeholders will actively take part in the process and share their opinions on the draft version that will be sent out in the end of April or latest beginning of May, says IFF STF member Helén Wiklund Wårell.

The aim with the strategy process is to create a more operational strategy for the whole floorball community. The focus will be on setting the future direction for the IFF and to specify the main objectives that are needed in order to grow and develop the sport on the local, national and international level.

The IFF ExCo acts as a Steering Group for the process keeping it on track. The Task Force will make two preliminary submissions to the floorball community, with the first version to be sent out in April-May 2020 and the second in August in 2020.  The IFF CB will then prepare the final version of the IFF Strategy for the IFF General Assembly by the end of September 2020.

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