Sometimes you just have to make the best of the situation, this is exactly what has happened in Germany. The Final4 (Cup-final) organisers had almost 400 shirts produced for volunteers and fans. These shirts serve now a good cause as floorball clubs can order them either free of charge as material or for a small amount as finished face masks.

All virologists agree on one thing: face masks may only protect you to a limited extent against a corona infection, but if you carry the virus with you, such a piece of textile can keep people around from being infected and thus save lives.

In fact, there is still a shortage of such protective materials. That is why the high-quality products in particular should be left for disposal of medical staff and helpers at the forefront. An alternative solution is to make such a face mask yourself and this is being supported by the initiative. Because a subsequent correction of this year’s Final4-shirts is not technically possible, the organisers decided to donate them for this very purpose. Clubs and associations have two options to choose from:

  • order free shirts (at least 50 pieces), sew them into face masks yourself (with the help of a YouTube video) and distribute them to their own community. The distribution of the whole shirt as a whole to members or fans is expressly not desired.
  • have a final number of face masks made by one of the Final4 partner sewing studio (Kleenelady’s sewing studio) (min. 30 pieces) and sent to the club/association for distribution (€ 3/face mask, plus € 5 shipping).

Source & more information with access to order form (order requests by the 10th of April):

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