Katrin Zwinggi, Alexandra Frick and Géraldine Rossier have decided that winning the silver medal at the World Floorball Championships in Neuchâtel was the end of their career with the national team. Simone Wyss and Jael Koller are stepping down from the expanded national team squad.

For some national players it had been clear for a long time that this season – with the home WFC in Neuchâtel as climax – will be their last. However, due to the sudden cancellation of the national championship because of the corona virus, many players questioned their decision again. Do you really want to end your career like this? Not an easy decision, which is why not everyone could make a decision yet. One player who continues is Tanja Stella. She extended her contract with the Kloten-Dietlikon Jets today and would like to continue playing in the national team.

Géraldine Rossier, Alexandra Frick and Katrin Zwinggi also made a decision, but in the other direction: all three resign from the national team. While Rossier and Frick are completely giving up their floorball stick,  Zwinggi it is not yet certain what will happen on the club team level. For all three, it was already clear before the home WFC in December that it would be the event in the Swiss national team.

Winning the silver medal, it is also the highlight for the three:

–  I’ve never seen anything like it before. The atmosphere and everything that went with it were simply indescribable, Katrin Zwinggi said in the Swiss Floorball Association’s press release.

In 2013 she participated for the first time in a WFC with the women’s team and has not missed a WFC since. In total, she played 84 international matches and scored 60 points.

Alexandra Frick also made her WFC debut with the women’s team in 2013 and is now finishing her career after two more WFCs and 86 international matches. In addition to the home WFC, the U19 World Floorball Championships gold with the national team in 2008 was one of her highlights in Poland. With the Red Ants, Frick won the Swiss Cup title three times in a row (2010-2012) and the national championship in 2011.

Her teammate at the Red Ants and in the national team, Géraldine Rossier, also announced the retirement.

– Next week I will complete my education as a police officer and, if everything goes according to plan, start my new job at Zurich Airport in May. I will work in shifts, which was also a reason to quit playing, said the 31-year-old.

Above all, she will miss the emotions – both positive as well as negative. The first championship title in 2010 with Piranha Chur, her time in Sweden and especially the last playoffs will be unforgettable. With the national team, her first WFC in Bratislava in 2017 and her last WFC in 2019 in Neuchâtel are among the highlights.

In addition to the three international players, Simone Wyss (35 internationals) and Jael Koller (eight internationals), who are part of the extended squad, also announced their resignation. At the same time, Jael Koller also ended her career with the Red Ants. Simone Wyss will still be with Wizards Bern Burgdorf for another year after the abrupt end of the national league.

Source & more information: Swiss Floorball Association

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