The Czech Floorball Club, Florbal Mladá Boleslav, have produced a film: Made in Bolka –  A journey like no other, which presents the story about the club’s history. At the same time the film also presents historical floorball moments from 1993 to 2018.

– We are an elite Czech floorball club and we believe that our journey is like no other as we are the only Czech team (and perhaps in the world too) who made it from the lowest league to the very top, after winning the Superfinal in 2018. To tell our story and celebrate over 20 years of our existence, we have made a 55-minute film Made in Bolka. It is probably the only floorball film of its kind in the world. We believe our film speaks a universal language and tells a bigger story than that of ourselves. It is a story of the sport of floorball – from the humble beginnings to packed arenas, the club states in its press release.

While making this movie we interviewed over 25 people including, among others, the Czech floorball President Filip Šuman and Czech floorball national team players: Milan Tomašík, Martin Tokoš, David Rytych and Jan Jelínek. With almost 40 thousand views online less than three weeks after the online premiere, Made in Bolka is now available with English subtitles to floorball fans worldwide as well.

Watch the inspiring story of our club Florbal Mladá Boleslav:


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