A total of 28 teams have registered for the 11th Men’s U19 WFC which will be hosted in May 2021 by defending champions, Czech Republic. The event will most likely be held in Brno, in the same venue that hosted the Women’s WFC in 2013, but this is still to be confirmed by Czech Floorball. Singapore will play their first Men’s U19 event since 2005, while China will compete in their first.

This event will be played with 16 teams and there is no longer A- & B-division. The teams will be divided into four groups in one division based on ranking and a ballot. Groups A/B and C/D are divided according to ranking (based on results from U19 WFC 2019) and a group ballot will be held after the qualification events to decide the final four groups.

Nine teams (all from Europe) are directly qualified based on results from U19 WFC 2019, while the remaining 7 spots will be decided in regional qualifications – with 3 from Europe, 3 from Asia Oceania, and 1 from the Americas going through to the Final Round. The qualifications will be held in September 2020. More information on the hosts and groups for these events will be published at a later time.

Group A and BGroup C and D
Czech Republic (1)*Norway (8)
Sweden (2)???EUR qualifier
Finland (3)???EUR qualifier
Switzerland (4)???EUR qualifier
Latvia (5)???AOFC qualifier

Slovakia (6)???AOFC qualifier
Denmark (7)???AOFC qualifier
Germany (9)???AMER qualifier
Lignano Sabbiadoro, ItalyŁochów, Poland
Slovenia (10)Russia (11)
Estonia (17)
Poland (12)
Hungary (18)Austria (19)
Belgium (22)Netherlands (21)
Italy (24)Spain (23)
Great Britain (26)France (25)
11th - 16th January 2021
Japan (15)
New Zealand (16)
Australia (20)
Singapore (31)
China (-)
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