16 teams are playing in the Women’s World Floorball Championships in Neuchâtel, Switzerland on the 7th-15th of December. Teams are divided into four groups and Finland, Switzerland, Poland and Germany are playing in the Group A. 

In addition to player descriptions the team contact persons have been asked to share their views about how women’s floorball has developed in their country since the last WFC in 2017.



Team Finland has a few experienced players, but this time eleven players are entering their first adult WFC tournament. After two bitter losses with the penalty shots in the finals 2015 in Tampere and 2017 in Bratislava, the team is very open-minded and hungry to chase the gold medals.

Women’s floorball development in Finland
Finland is constantly developing more and more talented players with very good technical skills. The Finnish league is also taking steps forward this season, when the league is divided into the higher league NLA and the lower league NLB. This way, the best teams and the best players get more tough and tight matches.

Players to watch:

Photo of Veera KauppiVeera Kauppi
The player that the whole floorball nation knows. Twice in a row, she has been selected as the world’s best female player, but still she wants to get better and better every day.



Photo of Mia KarjalainenMia Karjalainen
The captain of the team with over 100 international games. She is the leader of the defence and with her speed and physical hardness she hardly ever loses the duel.



Photo of Suvi HamalainenSuvi Hämäläinen
She is only 16 years old, but her skills on the field tell something else. She is smart, she wins duels, she has the skill to score and she wants use it.





Switzerland’s team is quite experienced. Almost all the players have already played together in Bratislava in 2017. Switzerland is known for trying to play offensive against any opponent. Their goal is to play at their best possible level a Swiss team has ever played and to show their fans that they have improved a lot during the past two years.

Women’s floorball development in Switzerland
Switzerland has developed the structures in the women’s junior floorball. A Women’s U17 national team was founded in 2018, with a professional head coach. Furthermore, the Swiss have tried to improve the high performance lifestyle on women’s elite level. Both the Women’s U19- and the elite national coach have also been professionally engaged in 2018.

Players to watch:

Photo of Ruttimann CorinCorin Rüttimann
Player with excellent stick handling, great scoring qualities and great accession. The upcoming WFC is already her sixth.




Photo of Heini LaraLara Heini
Goalkeeper with good reflexes and great positioning game. She is playing her second season in the Swedish SSL with Pixbo Wallenstam.




Photo of Marti FlurinaFlurina Marti
Captain with great play making skills, ball control and good shot from the distance. She is playing in the Swiss Piranha Chur.





Poland has become faster and faster every year. The goal is to improve the result from the last WFC and manage to play a more offensive and attractive floorball. The team is also aiming to maintain the good team spirit they have been building during last years.

Women’s floorball development in Poland
Thanks to proper work with younger age groups, the national team receives more and more quality players. The amount of women playing in the top leagues abroad has increased and the players are not so often quitting floorball after junior categories.


Players to watch:

Photo of Joanna SzelzchenJoanna Szelzchen
A young talented defender with already huge international experience. Captain of the Women’s U19 team and top defender during the last U19 WFC 2018 in St. Gallen. Offers quick transition to offence and strong defensive play. Quality passer with good goal scoring instinct.



Photo of Weronika NogaWeronika Noga
World class defender, known from her hard working attitude. True engine in defence, who also strongly affects offensive play. Presenting great speed chasing loose balls and predicts opponent’s actions on the field very well. Outstanding in one versus one play.



Photo of Agata PlechanAgata Plechan
Captain, true leader of the team and experienced two-way forward. Able to play with every teammate. Good scorer, always in the spot where she is needed. Versatile player, useful in every on- and off-field situation.





Team Germany is a good mix of experienced players mixed up with many young players who bring a fresh altitude to the team. The goal will be to play a solid World Championship and come as close as possible to the big four nations.

Women’s floorball development in Germany
Women’s floorball is getting more professional and improving even if the gap to the top four nations is still big. Many good young players are coming up and starting to make their way to the national team.

Players to watch:

Photo of Best Anna-LenaAnna-Lena Best
Dangerous forward combined with speed, strong physique and clean technique. If you let her shoot, the ball is very likely in the goal. Everyone is expecting to see her play in one of the top four nations’ league.




Photo of Pauline BaumgartenPauline Baumgarten
The all-rounder, she can play in any position and has a remarkable ball lead. Her wrist shot and slap shot make her stand out. She has a very good overview and is dangerous both with a precise pass or shot on the goal.




Photo of Alena HolstAlena Holst
Five years ago she moved to Switzerland and now she is playing her fifth season in the highest league. This defender stands out above all with her physical play and duel strength. In the offence, she has a good overview and if she is given too much space, she likes to shoot.



*The information here is provided by the teams and modified by the IFF. 

Visit the event website for more information: https://neuchatel2019.ch/

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