A game situation incident was reported by the Finnish Men’s National Team, during the Friendly International game between Finland and Switzerland, in the Euro Floorball Tour on the 9th of November 2019 in Tampere, Finland. The Finnish Floorball Federation asked the IFF to handle the case as there was no jury or disciplinary organ appointed for the EFT. The case was forwarded to the IFF Disciplinary Committee, in accordance with the IFF regulations.

Decision and applicable provisions:

The IFF Disciplinary Committee leaves the request for disciplinary action without sanction.

The IFF Disciplinary Committee finds that the video sequence cited supports the information given by Mr. Nils Conrad. Based on what is evident from the material in this case, the offence committed was not made in the intention of causing any injury to the opponent. Although the offence could have led to a penalty in the game, according to IFF:s Rules of the game, it was not of such a nature that it should cause any further sanctions

The decision was made unanimously.

According to the IFF Juridical Regulation Article 69, a decision of the Disciplinary Committee to sanction a player for less than three matches is without the possibility to appeal.

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