Oona Kauppi is the GoGirls! Ambassador from team Finland. The upcoming WFC in Neuchâtel will be her second Women’s WFC. Oona has also played twice in the U19 WFC, in 2016 and 2014. Last season Oona was winning the 2019 Champions Cup together with IKSU and she will continue playing in the team next season as well. 

Short introduction

– My name is Oona Kauppi and I am a 21-year-old floorball player from Finland. I play in Sweden in IKSU and this coming season is going to be my second year in the Swedish league. I have always loved sports, particularly floorball and football have always been close to my heart.

How did you start playing floorball and how long have you played?

– I got my first floorball stick as a gift when I was about three weeks old. Since then floorball has been a part of my life. My parents have played floorball so I am used to being in the floorball arenas from young age. I started to play in a team when I was six, it was boy’s team. At the age of twelve I switched to a girls’ team. So, I have played 15 years.

How did you join the national team?

– It was 2015 when I got my first chance to play with the national team. My first game was memorable and unforgettable for me, as for everyone who plays for the first time in the national team. I scored in my first shift with my first ball touch and I scored a hat-trick.

How do you prepare for the WFC 2019?

– Now in the summer I’m preparing for the coming season, doing lots of physical training etc. With the national team we have a few training camps where we are with the together, but mostly we prepare with our club teams and do something extra on our own.

Who is your favourite floorball player?

– This isn’t easy because I haven’t had an idol in floorball or a player who would have been a clear favourite for me. There are many players that I have followed and tried to learn for them. One of them is Nina Rantanen (Rantala) who was a really good player, excellent leader and an exemplary captain and she is not a bad person either😉.

Random fact?

– I love sushi!

GoGirls! Floorball is the IFF project aimed at helping to increase and promote the participation of girls and women in floorball throughout the world. Read more from here

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