The US Floorball Nationals 2019 will be a part of the multisport event the State Games of America (SGA). The tournament will take place August 3rd to 4th in Lynchburg, Virginia.

This is a great step forward for the US Nationals and floorball as a whole in the states. We are very excited to see what this will mean for the growth of the tournament, says Executive Director Adam Troy.


State Games of America

The State Games of America is an Olympic-style event featuring competition between State Games medal winners (gold, silver, bronze) from across the nation. There are currently 30 states conducting or organising statewide sports festivals known as State Games. The event is hosted every two years on the odd year (i.e. 2017, 2019 etc.).


Floorball at the State Games

The US Nationals 2019 will include an elite division as well as four different recreational divisions: Floorball Newbies, Challenger (Intermediate), Seniors (50+), Youth (age 13 and under).

Floorball at the State Games of America will offer competition at the highest national level (Elite Division) and combine it with a fun, engaging competitive experience for players of all levels, including those trying it for the first time in the Recreational Division. You can read more about the tournament here.

– We hope as many teams as possible take the opportunity to take part in the tournament. It promises to be the biggest floorball tournament in the states to date. We have extra high hopes for the youth division that will have a great opportunity to grow, Adam Troy continues.

The tournament will take place at the EC Glass High School, 2111 Memorial Ave and will be organised by the North Texas Floorball Association.

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10 teams have already signed up for the elite division of the US Nationals

– We’re excited to see the early and strong signups for this year’s National Championship, especially in light of our new relationship with the State Games of America, says Tournament Director Brian Radichel.

Among the teams signed up so far we have both returning teams and teams making their first showing at the US Nationals. The deadline for sign up is the 10th of July.

– Combining the speed and athleticism of floorball with the national organisation of SGA is a natural fit, and we hope that this relationship continues to blossom coming out of this year’s event. Floorball is growing rapidly in America, Brian Radichel informs.

Source & more information: USA Floorball website

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