Floorball will be on the agenda of the Helsinki Pride week 2019 when the “SunSäbä” SunFloorball tour will enter the Helsinki Narinkka square on Friday June 28th. SunFloorball is a form of floorball suitable for playing outdoors on a mobile multi-sport flooring.

Entering the Helsinki Pride week is strongly linked with Finnish Floorball Federation’s strategy and their equality programme. The vision launched in 2015, the floorball vision 2028 “Love the Way You Play” emphasises the diversity within the sport.

–  We want to offer everyone interesting and meaningful ways to play, practice and be part of the floorball community. With an equal culture, floorball remains open to everyone and the threshold to step into the sport community can become easier, says Kari Lampinen, Executive Director of the Finnish Floorball Federation.

The goal with the Finnish Floorball Federation’s SunFloorball tour is to play outdoors in fresh air and to promote the culture of playing recreational sports outdoors in Finland.

– On Friday June 28th people are invited to Helsinki Narinkka square to watch exhibition games and try floorball outdoors. At the same time, visitors can get a taste if the  atmosphere of the Men’s World Floorball Championships 2020 played in Helsinki in December by checking out the activation campaigns of the WFC 2020 partners, Tiina Koivisto, Finnish Floorball Federation’s Game Developer, informs.

A new Pride version of the  Finnish Floorball Federation’s logo has been made, which will be visible in the Federation’s social media channels during the Helsinki Pride week.

Helsinki Pride is a human rights event organised annually in Helsinki after midsummer. The Helsinki Pride Community is a NGO and an expert organisation whose goal is to eliminate inequalities based on culture, language, society, structures, values and norms.

Source: Finnish Floorball Federation

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