Exercising sports has a lot of benefits: it increases your health and it develops different kinds of skills. It also has a lot of social benefits especially in team sports. Within the discipline you practice, you feel a strong sister- or brotherhood regardless of your nationality, race or any other background. Unfortunately we live in a world where not all of us have the same possibilities.

The Latvian Floorball Union (LFS) has started a partnership with an organisation called “Butterfly effect” on a project called SPORTS VIENO (“Sport Unites”). This organisation works with 41 orphanages which cover around 800 children throughout Latvia. The objectives for the project is the activation of orphan children: create interest in sports, integrate them into society and help them to find new friends, even foster families.

The LFS and the clubs are inviting these kids to their matches and they also get to try out floorball. The Latvian Floorball Union supports the cause by running a social media campaign and they also erect money collection boxes at floorball events to raise funds for and awareness of SPORTS VIENO. It is also possible to donate money for the project in special collection boxes placed in ELVI supermarkets and “Virši” fuel stations all around Latvia.

The collaboration is set to run at least until the end of 2020.


More information: Latvian Floorball Union

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