Team USA take the first game of the World Floorball Championship Qualifications in Detroit by 14-2 and are one step closer to the World Championships but face Canada again tomorrow in the final game.

Team USA come out strong and create a lot of pressure in the Canada. The first goal comes after about four minutes when Victoria Lindstrom finds Christine Lindberg who scores 1-0. The second goal comes only minutes later when Sophia Leuma comes in alone from the left and finds the net. Just as the period is about to hit the midpoint mark Christine Lindberg makes it 3-0. After this team Canada starts to find their stride and Kate MacBean in the US goal is forced to make several good saves. With only 30 seconds left on the clock, and Canada on the powerplay, Michelle Linhart steals the ball and breaks in alone making it 4-0 after the first.

About four minutes into the second USA strike again. On the power play Victoria Lindstrom blasts one that hits the crossbar and then goes into the goal. USA doesn’t let up the pressure despite the solid lead but Ashley Norsworthy makes a couple of great saves in the second. When the clock almost reaches the sixteenth minute Lindstrom gets her third assist and Linhart scores again. Team Canada don’t give up however and just minutes later Aislyn Stretch scores making it 6-1. With only 17 seconds left of the period the US get a penalty shot. Anne Jumppanen steps up and shots it straight in, 7-1 after two periods.

In the third period it only takes a minute and a half for USA to score. Jenna Hausman makes it 8-1 on the power play and then follows it up with another goal. The US team keeps pouring it on and with just under six minutes on the clock Victoria Lindstrom completes a long row of goals and makes it 13-1. Shortly after Jenna Hausman completes her hattrick on a penalty shot. But Canada gets the last word as Aislyn Stretch scores her second making the final score 14-2.

Check out all the stats from the game here.

By Adam Troy

Game two will be played on Saturday 9th 19:00 (EST) at the Brownstown Sportcenter in Detroit. Watch it live here

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