February 2019 Internationals weekend is played the 1st-3rd of February. It is also the first Internationals weekend of 2019.

In total four different events will take place during the February Internationals weekend. These events are played at the same time with Women’s WFC Qualifications.

More information from the IFF Event pages:

14th Polish Cup: Men U19 (Nowy Tomysl, Rakoniewice & Zbaszyn, Poland)
1.-3.02.2019 at Rakoniewice Arena, Zbaszynianka Arena & OSiR Arena, Nowy Tomysl
Teams: Czech Republic MU19, Denmark MU19, Germany MU19, Norway MU19, Poland MU19, Switzerland MU19

Switzerland v Czech Republic: Women U19 (Schaffhausen, Switzerland)
1.-3.02.2019 at BBC Arena

Finland v Sweden: Men & Men U19 (Espoo, Finland)
1.-2.02.2019 at Metro Areena

Hungary v Slovenia: Men (Hungary)
2.02.2019 at Batthyány Sportiskola, Erd
3.02.2019 at Város Sportcsarnok, Komárom

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