During the past weekend, 10th-11th of November, the 3 Nations Cup took place in Dolo (Venice, Italy) for the second time, after its first edition in 2015. The female national teams of Netherlands, Austria and Italy confronted each other in the tournament hosted by the local team SHC FIRELIONS SERENISSIMA.

The event program included training sessions for the U19 Italian female team, where the girls had the inspiring opportunity to socialize and practice together under the guidance of their coaches. The two days of floorball passed within a fantastic and productive atmosphere, thanks to the cooperation of volunteers, players, coaches and referees. The international matches were played in front of an enthusiastic audience, and each team showed dedication, talent and fair play. On Saturday, the Netherlands conquered a well-deserved first place, after two intense matches against Austria (2-0) and Italy (6-5). The Italian team got the second place on Sunday after a thrilling game against Austria (7-4).

Jorgen Olshov, General Secretary of the FIUF (Federazione Italiana Unihockey Floorball) commented as follows:
– As General Secretary I’m very pleased with this event and the great work behind it by the local organization. These events are very important to promote and stimulate floorball among girls. We started to make a specific project for the young female players 2 years ago when we decided to register for the Women’s Under19 World Floorball Championships in 2018 for the first time. Italy did not qualify but it was an important message sent to all the young girls playing floorball. We immediately started up the project for the next WFC in 2020 and the group of young girls participating in the project is very enthusiastic. It was great to have a big event combining both Senior and Under19 players, as the young talents got a chance to see high level female floorball; for the Senior players I think it was also a very positive experience to feel the enthusiasm of the girls.

The President, Giorgio Rambaldi, was also present at the event:

As President of the Italian Floorball Federation, I can say that I am really satisfied. From a logistical perspective, the L.O.C. (composed by SHC Firelions Serenissima floorball club) created a great synergy with F.I.U.F., the guest teams’ staff and the hosting city of Dolo (the local authorities were present at the event). The Netherlands and Austria both showed their appreciation for the organization. On the other hand, we witnessed three tough games, each of them hardly fought until the very last period (especially Netherlands – Italy), that gave a lot of emotions to me and the whole audience. We also made an “unofficial” video streaming, and the games overpassed 1000 visualizations, with an average of 350-400 per period.

– The training camp for Italy’s U19 Women team was also a success, and it allowed us to show the new generations more about the international level of the game. In my humble opinion, events like this one are decisive in terms of developing the national and international female floorball movement, and they demonstrate how this part of the floorball landscape is important to the growth of the sport both locally and worldwide, Mr. Rambaldi concluded.

Go Girls!

Congratulations to all the girls and women who took part in the 3 Nations Cup, and best wishes for your floorball careers. Don’t stop shooting for your goals.



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