The seminar in Delhi from the 10th to 13th of October 2018, was the third International Floorball Development  seminar organised in India during the IFF FDS program, which started in 2005. The two first ones have been basic trainings, but this time the participants already had some experience and most of them participated to the seminar two years ago in the city of Gwalior, south from Delhi.  

The participants came from all around India, where floorball is played. Seminar contained three different parts, the Good Governance, Coaching and Refereeing. The one day Good Governance seminar, mainly concentrating on the topics of Good Governance and the Conflict of Interest, was addressed to the administration of the Indian Floorball Federation and to the heads of the state associations.

The Coaching seminar, ran by an IFF educator Mr. Saravanan Rajamanikam from Singapore contained topics such as basic coaching, basic team tactics and player roles. The referee part was more concentrating on new rules, referee organisation and the IFF Way of Refereeing Playbook.

– As an educator it’s always a pleasure to see people coming back to the seminar and that they’ve learned new things. I was here two years ago running the seminar in Gwalior and I knew most of the participants from there. The development has been really big and people are more and more into the real things and topics of floorball, says Mr. Veli Halonen, the IFF Operations Manager, who is in charge of the operational development work in the IFF office.

The IFF Floorball Development Seminar program is based on in most cases three days seminar. The three topics are Good Governance, Coaching and Refereeing. A seminar doesn’t have to be a full scale, each sector can also be educated separately if needed.

– They had adopted what they learned two years ago and now naturally wanted to learn more. I’m also happy that we were able this time to define the roles of each person in the organisation and I have high hopes that the Indian Floorball Federation will send teams to actual IFF events in the near future, he concludes.

For more information you can be in touch with Mr. Halonen in the IFF office halonen(at)

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