There are only men’s games during the two last days in the tournament. The first game of the day was for the 5th to 7th place, which IFK Paris won today against Milano. After the semi-finals Phoenix and El Valle made it to the final tomorrow and Utrecht and Escorial will play for the third position.

FC Milan v IFK Paris

FC Milano and IFK Paris had the first game of the day and they are playing for the 5th to 7th places in the tournament. The next game, which will decide the spots, will be played tomorrow and in that game Milano will face London Sharks. The game between Milano and Paris was very equal and either of the teams could have won. Milano was slightly ahead until in the third period Paris was able to take more control and were able to turn their 8-6 loss eventually to 11-8 victory over Milano.

Phoenix v Utrecht

The first semi-final, game between the Hungarian Phoenix and Dutch Utrecht started with Utrecht showing the way and were able to take 3-1 lead by the middle of the first period. Phoenix put on more speed and by the beginning of the second period Phoenix scored the equalizing third goal and took soon 6-3 lead in the game. The game was tough one for all the players. It was quite hot in the arena and Phoenix had 13 players and Utrecht 11 players in their rosters. Phoenix, by winning the thriller 7-6, took the place in the final tomorrow against y.

Escorial v El Valle

Not an easy game for the teams, both teams from the Madrid area and teams are also beloved enemies in the national league. Escorial has been quite strong during the tournament and El Valle has also had some good games, but this time the real thing was measured. As expected at least by the crowd in the arena, Escorial was slightly stronger in the start of the game and was able to score two goals in ten minutes time. Just nine seconds before the end of the period El Valle scored the first one. No goals were scored during the second period, so the third period was becoming extremely important. At 47.23 El Valle equalized and few minutes later took 3-2 lead. Escorial was able to score the third and the result was 3-3 after the regular game time.

A dramatic moment for Escorial in the extra time, when the communication problem between the defenders and goalkeeper caused loss of ball right in front of the goal and Adrian Inigo Tastet from El Valle had an easy job to put the ball to the net and El Valle to the final.


Check all the results, standings and personal statistics from the IFF event page.
The recorded matches can be watched on IFF YouTube channel and a lot of pictures can be found in the IFF Flickr.

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