The EuroFloorball Challenge (EFCh) 2018 will be played in Colegio El Valle Sanchinaaro, Madrid, Spain on the 25th – 29th of August 2018.

EFCh is the championship tournament for European national club champions outside of those in Champions Cup and the EuroFloorball Cup.

In 2018 the men´s tournament will be played with 7 teams. In Group A with 3 teams: CD El Valle from Spain, Floorball Club Milano Molotov from Italy and Phoenix Fireball SE from Hungary. 4 teams will compete in the Group B: Floorball Escorial from Spain, London Sharks from UK, IFK Paris from France and UFC Utrecht from the Netherlands.

Women´s tournament will be played with 3 teams: CD El Valle and CUF Leganes from Spain and Panam United from France.

The winners of EFCh will qualify directly to EuroFloorball Cup 2019.

You can read more about the EFCh 2018 here


Men´s Team Presentations – Group B



UFC Utrecht had a strong season with just one loss in the season. The combination of well-seasoned players made for a good season which they want to reward with qualifying in the Eurocup Qualifiers.

Players to watch

Tjomme van Mastrigt: Quick player with fast stickhandling. He is a good scorer and with his powerful and fast slap-shot he can create a lot of threat on the goal.

Andries Ziani: Experienced goalie with great reflexes. His keen sight and quick moves he can stop even the most difficult shots.

Aron Piekema: Great all-round player, with his speed and technique he´s a great playmaker. In the league he scored 40 points and with his drive to win he´s a great force multiplier for the team. Boosting the performance of the other players.

#24 van Mastrigt T.

#1 Ziani A.

#14 Piekema A.



First time their team reaches this competition. Very young squad but with the aim to do the best and go as far as possible. Enjoy the game and never give up. Nothing is lost, nothing is gained until the last moment. Focus more in how to improve themselves instead of what others do.

Players to watch

Lopez Reparaz Pablo: Team captain who represents the spirit and the soul of the group. Always thinking of the group and helping those who need help.

Quinlan Gallego Duncan: A very young and fast forward, never loses a ball. Fights every moment and always with an eye in the opponents´ goal. Living Floorball seriously.

Vizcaino Ramajo Miguel: Good skills and great split vision of the game. Both attack and defense, he´ll be there getting the most from any position.

#2 Lopez Reparaz P.

#22 Quinlan Gallego D.

#8 Vizcaino Ramajo M.



The London Sharks are back this year after losing only 1 game during the season. The team has improved from the last year and they look forward to playing the other teams in Madrid. Their main focus is to learn from the highly skilled teams that attend this tournament and challenge them for the win.

Players to watch

Niko Salo: This highly skilled forward is the brain behind the Sharks offense and Niko is the one who will be setting the goals up for the shooters with his precise passes and court sense.

Viktors Pockajevs: Viktors is one of the top goal scorers in the Sharks offense and with his speed and shot accuracy he can cause havoc in any defense.

Adam Saletti: The backbone of the Sharks defense has excellent stick handling skills matched with fast feet which makes it hard to get the ball from him.

#51 Salo N.

#31 Pockajevs V.

#4 Saletti A.




Oldest Floorball club in France, established in 1989 IFK Paris has 6 national league titles. It is a motivated team that will come to Madrid made of experienced and young players.

Players to watch

Ari Saaranen: Most experienced player in the team with quick reflexes.

Nils Hernborg: Dynamic center with great goal scoring touch.

Alexis Liedes: Lightning forward who can surprise you with speed and quick shot.

#1 Saaranen A.

#40 Hernborg N.

#10 Liedes A.




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