The EuroFloorball Challenge (EFCh) 2018 will be played in Colegio El Valle Sanchinaaro, Madrid, Spain on the 25th – 29th of August 2018.

EFCh is the championship tournament for European national club champions outside of those in Champions Cup and the EuroFloorball Cup.

In 2018 the men´s tournament will be played with 7 teams. In Group A with 3 teams: CD El Valle from Spain, Floorball Club Milano Molotov from Italy and Phoenix Fireball SE from Hungary. 4 teams will compete in the Group B: Floorball Escorial from Spain, London Sharks from UK, IFK Paris from France and UFC Utrecht from the Netherlands.

Women´s tournament will be played with 3 teams: CD El Valle and CUF Leganes from Spain and Panam United from France.

The winners of EFCh will qualify directly to EuroFloorball Cup 2019.

You can read more about the EFCh 2018 here


Men´s Team Presentations – Group A



Spanish team CD El Valle is participating an international competition for the first time, wanting to learn and enjoy a great tournament.

Players to watch

Santiago Lopez-Zuazo: A great defender and experienced player, faces all challenges.

Antonio Salazar Corral: Experienced player that will make the team the best of itself.

Adrian Inigo Tastet: Young player with a lot of desire to give the best of himself and contribute to the team.

#0 Lopez-Zuazo S.

#0 Salazar Corral A.

#0 Inigo Tastet A.




Team Phoenix is the dominating team in Hungary winning most of the trophies over the last 6 years. Their roster is the core for the national team as well. Last season they swept the league and the cup domestically. They´re already a well-known organization internationally, because they won the first ever EuroFloorball Challenge in 2016 and did an amazing and surprising performance during EuroFloorball Cup in 2017, last October, finishing as 5th place against highly ranked champions of Europe. They want to go back to that level of play, where they belong. With their experience and skills their goal is to win this tournament to become the kings of EuroFloorball Challenge.

Players to watch

Janos Muller: Top-scorer of Hungary, who performs the best in clutch situations. He´s a playmaker with huge experience.

Tamas Resi: The true captain of the squad as a strong defender, who is great at scoring and assisting attacks.

Gellert Csorba: A legend of the team, who plays his heart out all the time. He´s sold as a rock and his shots are rockets.

#7 Muller J.

#37 Resi T.

#16 Csorba G.




Floorball Club Milano Molotov was founded on 22nd of February 2000 by a group of students, that since 1995 were practicing Floorball at school. FC Milano is one of the 8 founders of FIUF (the Italian Floorball Federation). After a “rebirth project” started in 2011 (when the “Molotov” nickname was added), FC Milano won this year the Italian Championship, and its aim at the EFCh is to show that this victory wasn´t the arrival point, but just the first step of a continuous improving path.

Players to watch

Gianluca Corti: Goalkeeper is “old but gold”. Despite he is not in his 20´s, he still manages to make great saves, with an instinct for goalkeeping. In the Final Game he saved the day till the very last second.

Alex Kuusk: Estonian golden-boy is one of the best players in the roster, with high-level skills that allow him to play in every position. He begun to play in the team in 2011, and he´s now always in the starting line-up.

Marco Conti: One of the most motivated player in the team. He fights on every single ball, and he is not scared by opponents bigger or more experienced than him. His point of strength: velocity.

#40 Corti G.

#71 Kuusk A.

#10 Conti M.



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