Moldavian Floorball Federation has received the official recognition from the Ministry of sports.

Mrs. Monica Babuc, the Moldavian Sport Minister has approved and signed the official documents on May 14th 2018. Moldavian Floorball Federation has also met Mr. Nikolai Piatac, the Vice President of the Olympic Committee of Moldova, and agreed to cooperate and develop Floorball further in their country.

Floorball Tournament X

On the 29th of April, Moldova had a Floorball tournament X, with teams Chisinau, Ungheni and Bessarabca from Moldova and team Chernovti from Ukraine. Ukrainians more experienced team gave the Moldavian teams a great playing experience and practise.

U10 League

For the first time in April they had U10 League, where 5 teams played from different cities. It’s amazing to see, how floorball develops in Moldova with big steps forward.

Source and pictures: Moldavian Floorball Federation

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