Sweden secured their spot on the final round by defeating Slovenia and Slovakia won the fast paced thriller against Germany

Sweden got their ticket to WFC Prague

The Slovenian fans were showing their support already before the match against Sweden had even started. Unfortunately, their cheers weren’t enough to stop the Swedish scoring machine. With less than two minutes played, Sweden had scored the first goal of the match and they didn’t stop there. After 20 minutes the score was already 10-0 to Sweden.

Slovenia stepped up their game in the second period and were efficiently blocking shots and passes. They got several good scoring chances, but sadly for them Sweden were the only team scoring. Though Slovenia’s improved defence allowed only three goals.

The third period started with Slovenia’s opening goal as #61 Miha Pustavrh shot the ball into the net from central line. Both the team and the fans cheered with great joy. Soon those cheers were interrupted by Sweden’s efficiency. They found the net over and over again and in the end won the match 23-1. The most efficient players of the match were #19 Andre Andersson (3+4) and #17 Rasmus Enström (2+5). With this victory, Sweden secured their spot on the final round.

Match statistics

Slovakia wins the thriller against Germany

A lot was at stake in the last WFCQ match of the day in Nitra. Most likely, the winner of this match would get themselves tickets to the final round. 2149 spectators had made their way to Sport Hall Klokocina to witness the battle between Germany and Slovakia. From the beginning the fight was fierce. The crowd gasped during dangerous scoring chances that were seen on both ends. Slovakia had more opportunities, but German goalie #53 Mike Dietz was on top of his game. No goals were seen during the first period.

Slovakia took control at the start of the second period and were creating potential scoring chances. At 22:51 the crowd went berserk as Slovakia scored the opening goal and took the lead. Germany evened the score halfway through the period on powerplay. After that the match went from one end to the other. Both teams were hungry for more goals and wanted to take the lead. It was Slovakia who succeeded and were now in a 2-1 lead.

The thriller continued in the third period. Once again Germany tied the score, but Slovakia´s #5 Michal Dudovic succeeded on a penalty shot and took his team to 3-2 lead. With five minutes left, Germany took a time out. One could think they would’ve put more pressure on Slovakia, but no. Were they aiming for the goal difference? Despite their calm play, they still got a few very dangerous scoring chances, but none went in. Slovakia won the match 3-2 and are now closer to a place in WFC Prague.

Match statistics

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