Finland and Estonia won their matches today and qualified to the WFC 2018 Final round in Prague, Czech Republic.

Netherlands-Liechtenstein 8-3
The morning match between Netherlands and Liechtenstein was off to a gradual start. First goal was scored in the 14th minute by Netherlands´ player Jeroen Bart and shortly after, receiving power play they scored a second goal.
The second period followed with two more goals for Netherlands, before Liechtenstein scored their first in the 33rd minute. At the end of the period, Liechtenstein earned a penalty shot that they excecuted in full glory, taking the score to 4-2. Netherlands dominated the game till the end, scoring 4 more goals in the third period, but Liechtenstein kept their motivation and scored their third goal in the 56th minute.

Netherlands #80 Jasper Sangen
Liechtenstein #11 Simon Felder


Belgium-Finland 0-27
Finland took the lead but Belgium kept the game even for almost 13 minutes and had a good opportunity to equalize during a power play but the Finnish keeper made a great save. The remaining part of the period was a world class performance of team Finland that scored 7 goals in 7 minutes.
The scoring then continued throughout the match and Finland finally won the match with 27-0 and are by this qualified to the WFC 2018 Final round in Prague, Czech Republic.

Belgium #14 Thomas Ghilain
Finland #81 Jami Manninen


Poland-Estonia 4-5

Poland and Estonia played an extremely tight match! At the beginning of the game Poland quickly took the lead scoring three goals, but Estonia came back stronger than ever in the second period, scoring three goals on their half.
The third period started with a 3-3 tie that soon enough turned into 3-4. The match had a rather intense ending as Poland´s team scored their fourth goal in the 57th minute, tying the game.
Estonia seized every opportunity and finally scored their fifth goal in the 59th minute, winning the game 4-5.

MVPs of the match
Poland: #74 Maciej Bogdanski
Estonia: #2 Oskar Salm


Match replays are available on IFF YouTube Channel 2 and photos on IFF Flickr.
For all results and statistics visit the WFCQ 2018 EUR1 Event page

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