Slovenia finally got their long waited victory and Sweden continued their domination.

Slovenia wins the eventful match against France

Slovenia and France were both still without points. From the start, Slovenia started playing their active floorball and didn’t hold back. At 8:34 they snatched the ball from France and scored the opening goal. After the first period they were already in a 4-0 lead.

There was a lot of action in the second period. It didn’t take long for Slovenia to extend their lead to 5-0 and only a short moment later France scored their opening goal. With 5 minutes played, France got a 5-minute penalty and all in all they took 4 penalties during the heated second period. Slovenia didn’t leave their penalty bench empty either, and took 2 penalties including one 5-minute. Slovenia scored 5 powerplay goals during the second period and after 40 minutes the score was 10-2.

Though there weren’t as many penalties in the third period, it wasn’t uneventful either. Both teams seemed to focus more on offence instead of defence which created a lot of scoring chances. In the end Slovenia won the match 15-5.

Match statistics

Sweden´s efficiency too much for Germany

Germany won the tight match against Slovenia the day before, but now they were facing a bigger challenge as they were playing against Sweden. From the start Sweden were controlling the game and it only took them 11 seconds to score the first goal as they forechecked the ball from Germany. Germany had a few shots, but most of the 20 minutes was played at one end. After first period Sweden were in a steady 7-0 lead.

Sweden continued their fast passing game in the second period. Germany were simply trying to keep up with the pace as the ball wasn’t the only thing moving fast on the rink. In the offensive zone, Swedish players hardly stayed still for more than a second. After 40 minutes, Sweden had doubled their lead to 14-0

The third period followed the same pattern. German´s goalkeeper #90 Mike Dietz was on fire and kept Germany standing as he took 21 saves. Sweden won the match 17-0.

Match statistics

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