Both Denmark and Norway were experiencing trouble due to their opponents´ tight defence. In the end, they both celebrated victory.

Denmark secures victory after difficult start

Denmark and Spain were playing in the morning match. From the start Denmark were more in control, but their high offence caused them trouble as Spain were the first to score with almost 10 minutes played. The Danish weren’t as prepared for defence as they should’ve and soon the score was already 2-0 for Spain. Denmark stepped up their game and scored two goals within 20 seconds. After the first period the score was 2-2.

The Spanish defence was on point. They were efficiently blocking shots and intercepting passes and Denmark were struggling. At 29:53 Denmark were finally able to move the ball with one touch passes which lead to a tic-tac-toe goal and 3-2 lead. Spain also had dangerous scoring chances, but were able to score only once during the second period. After 40 minutes the score was 5-3 for Denmark.

The match remained the same in the third period. Spain were focusing on their tight defence and tried to score on counter attacks whereas Denmark had most of the ball control. Denmark increased their lead to 6-3 on powerplay with 6 minutes played. Spain also got their chance on powerplay, but the closest they got was a goal post. Thus, the match ended in Danish celebration of 6-3 victory.

Match statistics

Norway struggles with Austria´s defence

Austria, despite their loss, played a convincing match against Denmark the other day. Now they were facing one of the group favourites Norway. With less than two minutes played, Norway took the lead. Similar to Spain’s playing style, Austria focused on defence. They knew the importance of goal difference. The players fought for the team and kept on blocking the shots. With ten minutes played, Austria’s counter attack ended in a goal as #17 Thomas Seebacher put the ball into the net from the back post. Few minutes later Norway took the lead with a powerplay goal.

The second period started with Norway’s 2-1 lead. Norway kept controlling the game and despite their effort, weren’t able to score as Austria once again showed the efficiency of their defence.

With nine minutes played of the third period, Norway finally used their scoring chance and increased their lead to 3-1. Only a minute later they succeeded again. Austria tried their best to score on counter attacks, but what the Norwegian defence didn’t block, their goalkeeper #1 Markus Jelsnes saved. However, at the end of the period, Austria scored the last goal of the match as a bouncy pass was shot in in front of the net. Norway won the match 4-2.

Match statistics

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