Day number for in the WFCQ 2018 EUR3 seemed to the day, when the two best nations in the tournament could secure their spots in the Final round in Prague in December 2018. Both Switzerland and Latvia won their games today and secured the spots for the Final round. Even though Hungary took a very close victory over Italy, nothing is sure for them yet. The fight over the two best third positions is tough and it also depends on the other European qualification groups.

Italy lost to Iceland by one goal yesterday and of course were more than eager to take the fist points of the tournament today from Hungary. The game was all in all very close and either the teams could have taken the  victory or a draw would have not been unfair either, but the team which scores more goals wins the game.

This time it was Hungary’s win to be victorious and 4-3 numbers over Italy gave them the two points.

In the second game Switzerland’s aim was to win and secure the spot in the final round. Russia played a good game yesterday against Latvia and didn’t give anything for free for the home team, in today’s game it seemed that maybe the Russians didn’t have all the energy left and the Swiss were also taking it a bit easier than during the previous days. Still one more day for all the teams to go.

Switzerland final ended the game to a 17-3 victory and secured the spot in the Final Round in December.

The feeling for the last game of the day was that this was the game for Iceland. They really played hard from the very beginning and didn´t give anything to Latvia for free. The Latvians controlled, but much like yesterday against Russia, team Latvia was not able to find the spots to score. Icelandic defence was able to force the Latvian forwards to play the ball in the corners only.

No open spots to score for team Latvia. At 14.46 when Latvia finally managed to score the first goal the game changed. Latvia score two more goals in a very short time and Iceland had only few opportunities for fast counter attacks, but unfortunately for them didn´t pay off.

By the end of the first period the score was already 6-0 for Latvia and despite some good attempts for team Iceland, Latvia were this time way too strong for Iceland, 14-0 and Latvians secured the place in the Final round together with Switzerland.

Match replays are available on IFF YouTube Channel 1 and photos on Flickr.

For all results and statistics visit the WFCQ 2018 EUR3 Event page

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