No surprises in day three of the WFCQ 2018 EUR1 as the top 3 ranked teams won their matches with clear figures.

Liechtenstein-Poland 1-10

The game between Lichtenstein and Poland ended with the score 1-10 but it took some time before Team Poland could got their scoring going as the first period ended with a 1-1 tie. During the first period Team Lichtenstein kept a very good defence. But already in the start of the second period Poland quickly took the lead and the scored merciless 6 more goals and the match was of course decided. Poland scored two more goals before the last period ended.

MVPs of the match

Liechtenstein: #17 Remo Tischhauser
Poland: #31 Alexander Dahlstrom

Finland-Netherlands 32-1

Finland took another big win, this time over Netherlands with the final score 32-1. The reigning world champions were eagerly looking for opportunities to shoot and score, and succeeded in their mission. Netherlands managed to score one goal in the first period, but having to work hard in defence for the rest of the game.

MVPs of the match

Finland: # 20 Nico Salo
Netherlands: #29 Jeroen Bart

Estonia-Belgium 16-4

Estonia had a great start in front of the cheering home crowd scoring five unanswered goals. Belgium had a number of chances to score but was struggling to get the ball into the opponents net. Estonia was very efficient and scored frequently to in the end a clear 16-4 win.

MVPs of the match

Estonia: #18 Mats Tamme
Belgium: #16 Luca Boutmans

Match replays are available on IFF YouTube Channel 2 and photos on IFF Flickr.
For all results and statistics visit the WFCQ 2018 EUR1 Event page

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