Both Norway and Denmark were dominating in the rink on the second day of Men´s WFCQ in Nitra, Slovakia.

Norway start their WFCQ with a strong victory

Norway gets a lightning start in the match against Spain as they take a 1-0 lead with less than minute played. Norway are the initial favourite with their much higher ranking and are, as expected, controlling the game. Spain get a few good scoring chances during their powerplays, but as #10 Ole Mossin Olesen scores a 4-0 shorthanded goal right at the end of the period he proves Norway’s superiority.

In the second period Norway were once again setting the pace. They were able to score four goals within the 20 minutes. In the third period the match followed the same pattern. Spain got a few really good scoring chances, but were not able to succeed. Norway also had some trouble with accuracy and Spain’s goalkeeper #1 Javier Izquierdo Romero was working hard trying to prevent goals. All in all, the Spanish goalie took 47 saves, but Norway’s fast passes and fierce shots still found their way behind his back. Norway won the match 13-0.

Match statistics

Denmark´s passing game leads to a clear victory

Great Britain had suffered a tough loss against Spain yesterday and playing against Denmark, the best ranked team in the group, wouldn’t be any easier. Denmark set the pace from the start and after 20 minutes were leading the match 7-0.

The first period set the tone for the rest of the match. Denmark continued their beautiful passing game and found the net over and over again. Great Britain were trying their best at preventing Denmark from scoring, but even though their goalkeeper blocked 44 shots, Denmark still made 16 goals. The closest Great Britain got to scoring was the goalpost. They only had a few rather dangerous scoring chances throughout the match when you exclude the powerplays. Thus Denmark won the match 16-0.

Match statistics

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