The IFF had an equipment cooperation with a Hungarian children’s home. In the photo the children are spelling out “We Thank You!” in Hungarian.

It all started when a 3rd grade teacher Kevin Fayarchuk from Budapest, Hungary contacted the IFF approximately two years ago. At first sticks and balls were sent to them and now the IFF also sent two sets of goalie equipment.
– Adrienne, the director of the children´s home asked me to let you know how thankful and appreciative they are for your donation. We got the kids into a game after some drills and plays. The boys and girls that range in age from 10-15 are hooked, says Kevin in his email to the IFF.

Together with his son, Kevin continues teaching the children floorball and the hope is to get even more boys and girls involved in floorball.
– Thank you IFF for having the foresight and generosity to help these children learn to play and respect a great game, build self-esteem, work on teamwork and floorball skills and have fun doing it! says Kevin.

The IFF Operations Coordinator Veli Halonen is grateful for the good feedback:
– The IFF does several equipment co-operations a year and it’s always great to hear when something good comes of it. Floorball is a sport for all and we are truly happy that the children in Budapest are enjoying it.

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