Tsunami Zahorska Bystrica are crowned EuroFloorball Challenge champions for 2017 and qualify for EuroFloorball Cup 2018.


Trencin got a commanding 9-1 win today against Utrecht to finish 3rd. It was a very different game from when they met in the group stage and played a very tough game that Utrecht won by a single goal. As is often the case in these kind of tournaments, the results at the beginning of the week reflect the skill and experience differences between teams, while at the end, after teams have played 5 games in 5 days, the results are more influenced by who can still keep running. Utrecht, with a much smaller team roster and injuries to some key players, were nowhere close to being able to perform as they had earlier in the week, while Trencin were still full of enthusiasm and were energised by their home support. They used all of these factors to their advantage and dominated the game.

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After so many exciting and close games during the tournament, the final was a little bit of a let-down for the spectators. Skala were too passive in defence early on and Tsunami scored three easy and quick goals. A 3-0 start set the tone for the match – Skala having to constantly take chances and chase, while Tsunami could control the ball and play a more measured game in both defence and attack. To their credit, the Ukrainians did get close on the scoreboard at times but when they failed to score, or even get many real shots, during a 5-minute penalty at the end of the second period, it was clear that this was going to be the Slovak´s game. Final score was 9-4.

Tsunami Zahorska Bystrica, Slovak champions in 2016/17, can add the title of EuroFloorball Challenge champions to their list of titles and now get the chance to play at EuroFloorball Cup 2018 where they will face some tough opposition from higher-ranked countries.

Match statistics can be found here


Congratulations to all of the participating teams. Good luck in your upcoming seasons – perhaps we might see you again next year. Thank you to the host city Trencin and the organising club, FK AS Trencin – a job very well done.


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