After 25 years of its existence the leading organisation of floorball in the Czech Republic has been renamed to Czech Floorball. The General Assembly in Brno has approved a change of the code of rules. The positively accepted brand will hereby definitely become the official name of the organisation.

Even though the name Czech Floorball has been occurring in the digital sphere for six years and has become the official brand used for communication and promotion of floorball in the Czech Republic since September 2015, in many cases people could still use the original name Czech Floorball Union, especially during administrative tasks, billing etc.

Now, regarding the decision of the General Assembly, the original name will no longer be used in official records and will be replaced by the name Czech Floorball with its abbreviation “CF”. Hereby, the process of floorball rebranding in the Czech Republic will be finished.

Following the decision of the General Assembly, the Statutory representative of Czech Floorball will carry out all the steps necessary for reporting the change regarding the relevant registry court and also will finish the transformation of the change into legislative and other internal materials,” says Mr.Tomas Frank the Secretary General of CF.

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