The IFF and the Hungarian Floorball Federation carried out a Floorball Development Seminar in Erd, near Budapest last weekend, from the 2nd to 4th of June. There were participants from seven different countries: Austria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia and Ukraine.

The seminar had three different blocks. Coaching, refereeing and Good Governance. The seminar was meant for more advanced participants, so in other words it means that each and every participant had previous experience of Floorball.

Coaching education was basically carried out the same way as the level one education and most of the lectures took place in the actual practice venue and only few class room educations. The education opened the tactical aspect of Floorball more than in the level one education and also gave deeper information of how to coach the players.

Referee education level two was educated for the first time in the IFF FDS program and it concentrates more on the organizational structures and how to build a referee organization in the national association level.

Good Governance was first time educated two years ago in Denmark in a one day seminar and this time the program was divided to three days, which gave more time to concentrate on interactive education, where the participants had more time to discuss, ask questions and to do group works.  Basic Good Governance seminar was also conducted in Ukraine in accordance with the General Assembly of the Ukrainian Floorball Federation.

The IFF FDS program is continuing after the summer with planned seminars in Turkey, possibly in Indonesia and in Slovakia.

More information of the FDS program from Mr.Veli Halonen in the IFF office.

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