The World Games is less than 80 days away and the teams are getting ready. We contacted team Poland’s Head Coach Jan Holovka and asked his thoughts about the upcoming floorball’s next step.

Jan Holovka (on the left) with team Poland in the Men´s World Floorball Championships 2016 in Riga, Prague.

Jan Holovka
Age: 42
Country of birth: Czech Republic
Current club: POL M

What does The World Games mean to you?
Given the fact that it is practically the Olympic Games of non-Olympic sports, we approach this event with far more weight than the WFC. We also play at home, so we want to get the best out of this action.

How does it feel to be one of the first floorball teams in the tournament?
It´s a huge honour to be a part of this tournament, I believe we will enjoy this event.

You are the local team. Does it give you an advantage or more pressure?
I do not think we will be under some pressure as a home team. We know how good teams are waiting for us at this tournament. Despite of this, we want to make the best possible result.

What do you think The World Games can do to floorball?
I believe it will be a big promotion of floorball and it will bring us close enough to become an Olympic sport as soon as possible.

How have you prepared/ will prepare for The World Games?
Before the tournament, we will have a camp where we will be intensively preparing for the tournament.

What are your goals for The World Games?
The goal is to play a nice floorball against the absolute world top teams and gain as much experience as possible. Not every day we can have the chance to play with such high-quality teams.



The World Games will be played in Wroclaw, Poland 20th-30th of July. The Floorball competition will be held over 4 days, from 27th – 30th July, and will involve 6 men´s teams divided into two groups of 3. Group A consists of Finland, Czech Republic and Poland and Group B consists of Sweden, Switzerland and USA.

More information about The World Games can be found here:

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