The 11th National Floorball Championship for Men and Women, Under 19,17 & 14 Boys and Girls was successfully organized in India 23-26.12.2016. The venue of the event was Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida Uttar Pradesh, India.

The event was organized under the patronage and guidance of Dr. Prabhat Kumar, I.A.S., President of InFF. Over 1000 players from 16 states took part in the Indian National Floorball Championship. During the four-day tournament, 141 matches were played. The event was supervised by a team of over 100 officials including referees, match officials, state office bearers, coaches from various states and officials of the Indian Floorball Federation.

A number of dignitaries including Ms. Babita, Winner of the Silver Medal at the Commonwealth Games, Dr. J.P.Sharma, Vice Chancellor, Gautam Budh University and Mr. Deepak Aggarwal, C.E.O., Noida attended the various ceremonies during the matches and enjoyed floorball. Visitors and students from the University were overwhelmed by the speed and technique of this new sport in India. The presence of so many people marked the growing popularity of Floorball in India.

In a very keenly contested final match in the Men’s categories Karnataka were the winners while Jharkhand were the runner ups. In the Women’s category Delhi were the winners and Haryana were the Runner ups.
Besides the team awards, individual awards were given to the best player, best goalkeeper, best defender and the rising star player in each category.


1st  Karnataka
2nd Jharkhand
3rd Delhi
4th – Madhya Pradesh
Under 19 Boys
1st Delhi
2nd Karnataka
3rd  Maharashtra
4th  Uttrakhand
Under 17 Boys
1st Delhi
2nd Haryana
3rd Punjab
4th  Maharashtra
Under 14 Boys
1st Karnataka
2nd Tamilnadu
3rd Maharashtra
4th Delhi
1st Delhi
2nd Haryana
3rd  Uttrakhand
4th Karnataka
Under 19 Girls
1st  Tamilnadu
2nd Maharashtra
3rd Karnataka
4th  Himachal Pradesh
Under 17 Girls
1st  Maharashtra
2nd Gujarat
3rd  Delhi
4th  Chhattisgarh
Under 14 Girls
1st  Tamilnadu
2nd Delhi
3rd   Karnataka
4th Maharashtra

Individual awards were given in the following categories:

Best Player:
Mrinal Naugin (Delhi) – Men
Nancy Bisth (Delhi) – Women
Shivam Gulati (Delhi) – under 19 Boys
Ankita  (Maharashtra) – under 19 Girls
Saied Jaid ( Gujarat) – under 17 Boys
Khushi ( Gujarat) – under 17 Girls
Chirag ( karnataka) under 14 Boys
Khushi ( Gujarat) – under 14 Girls
Rising Star Player:
Dhananjay( Karnataka) – Men
Sangeeta Rathi (Delhi) – Women
Ankit (Delhi) – under 19 Boys
Shweta (Tamilnadu) – under 19 Girls
Subham (Punjab) – under 17 Boys
Rakshita ( Delhi) – under 17 Girls
Dhanush ( karnataka) – under 14 Boys
Yamini ( Maharashtra) – under 14 Girls

Best Goalkeeper:
Rahul (Jharkhand) – Men
Rekha (Haryana) – Women
Biju Mandal (Karnataka) – under 19 Boys
Nandani (Tamilnadu) – under 19 Girls
Deepak (Delhi) – under 17 Boys
Kamakshi (Maharashtra) – under 17 Girls
Badrinarayan (Tamilnadu) – under 14 Boys
Manjesri (Tamilnadu) – under 14 Girls


Best Defender:
Vinod (Karnataka) -Men
Nikita Chillar (Delhi) – Women
Sagar (Delhi) – under 19 Boys
Manshi (Maharashtra) – under 19 Girls
Sachin Goyal (Delhi) – under 17 Boys
Pooja Kadam (Maharashtra) – under 17 Girls
Anant (Karnataka) – under 14 Boys
Madhumita (Tamilnadu) – under 14 Girls

Promising Player:
Harsh Vardhan (Rajasthan) – Men
Mujtaba (Kerala) – Men
Manisha (Haryana) – Women
Manisha (Delhi) – Women
Nilesh (Maharashtra) – under 19 Boys
Neha (Himachal Pradesh) – under 19 Girls
Himanshu (Maharashtra) – under 17 Boys
Gopesh (Delhi) – under 17 Boys
Pooja Kadam (Maharashtra) – under 17 Girls
Anil (Delhi) – under 14 Boys
Bhavishya (Karnataka) – under 14 Girls

President of InFF, Dr. Prabhat Kumar IAS speaking on the occasion motivated the players. He said that with the fast rising popularity of Floorball in India, days are not far off when Floorball will be one of the most popular sports in the country. He also announced that soon InFF will initiate the Regional Championships and Club tournaments in association with various state units. He congratulated  all the winners.

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