The first game of the group EUR1 was Slovenia against Denmark and the game was very important for both teams, the Danes needing the victory to try to secure as much points as possible and Slovenia to try to get the first victory of the tournament. In the second game of the day France met Sweden for the first time in women’s WFC history. France participated to the WFCQ first time two years ago and that was due to the French Federation’s project for female players.

Slovenia has had a decent tournament so far and the team has played well and the goalkeeper department in the team has been in a pretty good condition. First five minutes of the game were quite calm, but after that the Danish engine started for real and they scored five goals in ten minutes and that basically did the trick.

Denmark was able to continue the same speed in the second period and then ease up in the third. 13-2 victory and two points for Denmark, who will play their most important game of the tournament against Norway tomorrow.

France vs Sweden

In the second game of the EUR1 Sweden took the steering wheel from the start and drove to a clear victory over France with the final result 36-0.

Team France tried hard to defend in a very intensive format and managed quite well to block the shots of the Swedes. Also both French goalkeepers had to show their best to guard their net from more goals.

Team Sweden used their skill, speed and talent and basically the whole team was effective in scoring and passing.

Sweden clearly dominated the WFCQ2017 EUR1 group and secured their place in the WFC2017 in December in Slovakia.

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