Also two games to be played in the EUR4 group today. Denmark was looking for a victory over France in order to play hard for the spot on the actual Final Round in December.

The beginning of the match between France and Denmark turned out to be interesting. France scored the first two goals, but Denmark had the lead. The first goal for Denmark was actually a lucky pass, which hit the French defender and bounced into the net. The second one was unlucky own goal.

France also had their chances to score, but at 27.14 the third goal for Denmark changed the script of the game and the Danes took the initiative and  were controlling the game even more. 12-0 victory -two very important points for Denmark and they still have the chance to qualify.

Team Sweden showed their talent and speed to beat Norway 13-0 in the EUR1 last match of day 3.

The Swedes dominated already from the start and made it 5-0 in the last second of the first period. Team Norway tried to hold on, defended well and also had a chances to score, including a penalty shot at the end of the second period, but unfortunately did not succeed.

The Swedes had the steering and domination of the game with the lead of Sofia Joelsson having a hat trick day. The Swedes are now leading the group with a straight three wins and six points.

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