During the second day of WFCQ 2017 EUR 3, Switzerland took a strong win once again. The second match of the day was a thriller, but Germany was able to defeat Estonia by one goal.

Netherlands faced Switzerland in the first match of the day in Celano. The Swiss had trouble scoring in the beginning, but with 9 minutes left on the clock Corin Ruttimann put the ball into the net. Less than a minute later, Netherlands´ Susanne Spijkerman evened the score from a rebound. After 20 minutes the score was 2-1 for Switzerland. The Swiss dried their powder in time for the eventful second period. Eight Swiss goals were seen and three of them were power play goals. The third period was, like the whole match, dominated by the Swiss. All in all, the match ended 14-1 for Switzerland.

Best players:
NED: #3 Astrid Beelen
SUI: #24 Flurina Marti

Match summary here.

Even though Germany have a much bigger ranking than Estonia, the match was tough. During the first period lots of scoring chances were seen on both ends. Estonia even had a chance to score on power play, but they were inefficient. Both teams were almost equally strong, though some of Germany´s scoring chances were more dangerous. No goals were seen in the first period. During the second period, Estonia suffered a 5 minute penalty. Germany was able to score two goals. Estonia´s power play at the end of the period was not as fruitful as they were once again unable to score. Estonia´s first goal of the tournament was seen in the third period. Margit Keerutaja shot the ball past the German goalie. Germany started to shiver a bit and they made simple mistakes in their own defensive zone. Lucky for them, Estonia didn´t use them as the should´ve. Estonia fought until the end and even tried to play 6 against 5, but Germany won the match 2-1.

Best players:
EST: #21 Liina Luih
GER: #25 Anne-Marie Mietz

Match summary here.

More photos on IFF Flickr.

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