Two games to be played in the Women’s WFCQ Europe 1 also today. Denmark started their tournament and Sweden had already played one game yesterday. The other game of the group of the day was Slovenia against Norway.

Sweden’s day was more like a walk in the park, because after the first period the score was already 11-0 for the Swedes and Denmark did not stand a chance in the game. Mainly concentrating on their defense to minimize the damage was the Danish Strategy in the game.

22-1 final score secured Sweden a strong spot as a leader of the group.

If someone expected Norway to walk over Slovenia that was a totally wrong assumption. Even though Norway controlled the ball and the game as such, Slovenia kept its defense very well organized. Despite the flash start for Norway, first scored goal at 00:37, Norwegians needed to wait for the next one for 25 minutes.

Norwegians didn’t simply find the way to break the Slovenian defense, which moved well and the Slovenian goalkeeper Tanja Matijasevic was like a wall. It seemed that nothing could go in and team Norway also started to believe in that. With 32 saves Matijasevic would have also be a good candidate as a MVP of the teams Slovenia.

During the last minute of the second period Norway finally scored the third goal and that made the third period easier for them and the final score 4-0 for Norway gives them also good prospect for the Final round, but it’s not over until the fat lady sings.

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