Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Estonia and Austria will play in the WFCQ EUR 3 on the 1st – 5th of February 2017 in Celano, Italy

20 teams in total will compete in the Women´s World Floorball Championships Qualification European groups.

In Europe, there will be four qualification groups with two event locations – EUR 1 & EUR 4 will play in Madrid, Spain, while EUR 2 & EUR 3 will be hosted by Celano, Italy.

In Europe, each team will play once against each of the other teams in their group. Based on the results from these group matches, a total of 10 teams will qualify. More information about the qualification system available here.

In EUR 3 group Switzerland (3) and Germany (6) have the highest ranking and are thus the favourites to qualify to the final round. Netherlands (14) and Estonia (20) played against each other in December 2015, with a very tight game where Netherlands took the win with one goal.

More detailed information about the EUR 2 and EUR 3 qualifications available at  IFF Event page


Women´s WFCQ 2017 EUR 3 Team presentations


Switzerland has an ambitious team with a good mix of experienced and young players. For the WFCQ 2017 Switzerland aims at winning the qualification tournament and further developing its game plan.

Players to watch

Corin Rüttimann Very fast and skilled player, currently one of the worlds best players in women floorball.
Flurina Marti Team leader with strong fighting spirit.
Michelle Wiki Kind of a player that does not need a lot of chances to score a goal.

#21 C. Rüttimann

#24 F. Marti

#6 M. Wiki




Germany is going to start again with a young and motivated team. After an intensive year in 2016 with a lot of practise and games they would like to play a good tournament with four good games in a row.

Players to watch

Franziska Kuhlmann Team captain who is not only a Leader in the field, but also an idol for the young players. With her fighting spirit and great offensive skills she is a really important player for the team.
Katja Timmel She is the last of the Mohicans in the team and takes a lead in the defence.
Lisa Entelmann A player who can play in different roles and different positions. Gives a lot of safety with her skills to the team.

#6 F. Kuhlmann

#3 K. Timmel

#7 L. Entelmann




The Dutch Floorball team consists of enthusiastic, motivated players who are eager to qualify for the WFC in December 2017. A team with a lot of new players that will have their international debuts in an international
floorball tournament.

Players to watch

Lidwien Reehuis Goalie, that is the absolute rock and pillar of the team. Loads of experience. A joy to watch!
Tianne Numan Phenomenal defensive talent that consistently delivers defensively and
equally in the turnaround and build-up.
Paola de Haas One of the newcomers on the team that has shown remarkable progress. Great
team player that shows incredible determination.

#1 L. Reehuis

#18 T. Numan

#14 P. de Haas




The aim of the team is to qualify for the 11th Women’s World Floorball Championships in Bratislava. The Estonian team has been extra focused while preparing for this qualifications tournament. Players have grown to know their strengths and their teammates. The team is well experienced with supportive team spirit and lots of motivation.

Players to watch

Merli Kaljuve An experienced player. Creating many scoring chances for her teammates while always looking for opportunities to score herself as well.
Liina Luih Her strength is the ability to play both defence and attack.
Kati Loid An outstanding defensive player. Relentlessly blocking shots and winning 1-on-1 battles.


#11 M. Kaljuve


#21 L. Luih


#4 K. Loid



Team Austria has been in a rebuilding face for a while and is now ready to prove that they can play good floorball. Their long term goal is to win two games and qualify as one of the best third placed teams.

Players to watch

Livia Muggler Livia has experience from playing in Switzerland, she has great stick handling and can surprise you from everywhere on the field.
Viktoria Fersterer Viktoria is a smart player whit a great shoot! Keepers look out and use double padding under the jersey!
Theresa Furtbauer Theresa is the team Captain and is a great fighter. She never gives up and always help the others, both on and off the field

#11 L. Muggler

#77 V. Fersterer

#10 T. Furtbauer


 All team and player information is provided by the teams themselves and only edited by IFF.

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