Finland, Poland, Russia, Italy and Great Britain will play in the WFCQ EUR 2 on the 1st – 5th of February 2017 in Celano, Italy

20 teams in total will compete in the Women´s World Floorball Championships Qualification European groups.

In Europe, there will be four qualification groups with two event locations – EUR 1 & EUR 4 will play in Madrid, Spain, while EUR 2 & EUR 3 will be hosted by Celano, Italy.

In Europe, each team will play once against each of the other teams in their group. Based on the results from these group matches, a total of 10 teams will qualify. More information about the qualification system available here.

In EUR 2 group Finland (2) has the highest ranking and are thus the favourite to qualify to the final round. Last time Poland (7) and Russia (11) met each other was in December 2015 in Finland with two close games that ended for Poland´s victory. Italy (22) and Great Britain (26) are also very close in ranking.

More detailed information about the EUR 2 and EUR 3 qualifications available at  IFF Event page


Women´s WFCQ 2017 EUR 2 Team presentations



Team Finland will arrive to WFCQ with the best players. The team consists of countries top players who have experience from previous WFC´s, but also young talents who are on the edge of making their brake through to the women´s international level. The aim of the team is to win the WFCQ group and reach the spot in the 11th Women´s WFC in Bratislava.

Players to watch

Nina Rantala  Skilful team captain that creates scoring positions for others, but has also the ability to score herself.
My Kippilä  Very talented young player who amazes everyone with surprising and skilful decisions on the field.
Sanni Nieminen  Fast all-round player, who can dominate the field as defender, but also score important goals as forward.

#21 N. Rantala

#80 M. Kippilä

#6 S. Nieminen


A young but yet experienced team who has gotten much stronger and faster during the last 2 years. The main goal is to advance to WFC in Slovakia and to manage to finish at least 2nd in the group which will be a big challenge.

Players to watch

Malgorzata Pazio The biggest star in Polish floorball. She is playing in one of the best teams in the world, IKSU from Sweden. Experienced defender with offensive qualities. World class speed and stamina.
Agata Plechan Since many years one of the best players in the Danish league. She has the potential of playing in the top leagues. The team Captain.
Joanna Szelzchen Next generation of quality defenders and already experience from U-19 WFC where she was one of the best players of the team.

#88 M. Pazio

#13 A. Plechan

#14 J. Szelzchen



Team Russia´s aim is to get to the final stage of the World Championship 2017. That will be considered a success for their team. They will try to win in all the games.

Players to watch

Mariia Kitaeva Skilful forward, who can always surprise in the offensive zone.
Anastasia Bulbash  Very talented young player who keeps on improving.
Olga Prosvetova An experienced, fast and powerful forward.

#6 M. Kitaeva

#99 A. Bulbash

#15 O. Prosvetova


The team Italy comes to this event with a team that is “hungry”: it is a challenge to try to qualify.  Every player will spend “every single drop” of energy to conquer the ticket for the final stage in Slovakia.

Players to watch

Edith Fleischmann She is one of the most experienced player in the team, with many qualification matches played. She has come back from a serious injury and is now ready for this new challenge.
Camilla Olshov a very young player with a lot of potential, it will be interesting to follow her improvement.
Liana Messere: a player that is used to work hard to get where she wants. She is now doing her rookie season in NLA in Switzerland.

#12 E. Fleischmann

#21 C. Olshov

#14 L. Messere



Team Great Britain are hoping to have a good, friendly and enjoyable tournament in which they will perform to their best levels. They are not the biggest team, nor the best team – but they will be the happiest.

Players to watch

Franzi Bonomo-Wirth  The team captain who has represented Great Britain on many occasions.
Chantal Seiler  Normally a goalkeeper, but she will be playing as a forward in this tournament showing her versatility.
Chloe Whitworth One of the youngest players in the tournament and the youngest one in the squad who will be making her national team debut in the first game.

#2 F. Bonomo-Wirth

#9 C. Seiler

#12 C. Whitworth


 All team and player information is provided by the teams themselves and only edited by IFF.

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