Eight teams will play in the Women´s World Floorball Championships Asia Oceania Qualification groups. The AOFC qualification is played in the ASB Arena, in Wellington, New Zealand 31st of January until 5th of February 2017.

In Asia-Oceania, altogether 8 teams will compete for four qualification spots. Australia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Singapore and two first-timers: People´s Republic of China and Thailand.

The teams are divided into two groups and the teams will play once against each of the other teams in their group. Based on the results from these group matches the teams will progress to the play-off rounds.

Australia (12) and Japan (13) have the highest rankings and are thus the favourites to qualify to the final round.

More detailed information about the qualifications available at the IFF Event page.

Women´s WFCQ 2017 AOFC Team presentations

Group A


This team consists of a mixture between young talented first timers as well as some experienced players as cornerstones. The aim of the team is to play refreshing floorball, improve from game to game and finish the tournament with the best possible result.

Players to watch:
Tayla Hull Young Aggressive forward with a nice finishing touch. There will be no lost ball with her on the court.
Tara Meyer Experienced international player playing for the National team since 2007. Excellent game sense and play making qualities.
Alexandra Staib Young defender and playmaker playing her first overseas season. She is a solid and reliable defender with an eye for a surprising pass.

#5 T. Hull

#34 T. Meyer

#24 A. Staib



The NZ team has a great mixture of experienced and young players. The aim is to qualify for the WFC finals in Bratislava/Slovakia 2017.

Players to watch:
Nia Emrys A fast and consistent player with an incredibly high work rate, and a natural goal scorer.
Maria Hegarty A super goalie with quick reactions who delivers a great performance in every game.
Georgia Kibblewhite An experienced player, despite her young age, that can make a huge difference to any game.

#8 N. Emrys

#1 M. Hegarty

#10 G. Kibbelwhite



Team Thailand in its first WFCQ aims to gain maximum exposure and valuable experience at an international level.

Players to watch:
Tikhamporn Sakunpithak Aggressive individual with a keen eye for goal.
Thanaporn Tongkham Creative individual with an eye for defence splitting passes.
Somluk Suttipapa Focused goalkeeper: agile and fast reflexes.

#77 T. Sakunpithak

#69 T. Tongkham

#19 S. Suttipapa



Chinese Women’s National Floorball Team was established in October, 2016. Most players in this team used to play ice hockey or hockey. This Championship is their first international competition and also the first time for many players to go aboard. Their aim for the competition is to gain skills and experience. Hopefully, even win one or two matches.

Players to watch:
Zhao Siyu She used to be a hockey player with good physical ability. Tall, bold and vigorous. Team leader.
Gong Ming She used to be the former player of National Ice Hockey Team. Defender with a lot of match experience.
Zhou Ying Defender Tall, broad vision, and vigorous.

#6 Z. Siyu

#16 G. Ming

#7 Z. Ying

Group B

Within the past two years some of their most experienced players, who knew several international games, retired from the national team. But, every time, essential purpose of Japanese team is to enjoy the high level international floorball game with their whole heart. Concentrating their spirits upon every match and try to do their very best with great sportsmanship. Their main goal for this championship is to get a ticket to WFC 2017.

Players to watch:
Yui Takahashi This is her 7th WFC. She is very small, but her physical working capacity and fighting spirits are great.
Yui Goto She is one of the best players of the team. Her potential for international level floorball and physical working capacity and skills are very attractive.
Chika Sato She is the new captain of the Japanese team and their guardian deity. Expecting her to keep her concentration during this championship.


#10 Y. Takahashi


#3 Y. Goto


#1 C. Sato



A team with both young players and veterans looking to qualify for WFC 2017 in Slovakia.

Players to watch:
Jill Quek She has played in Swedish and Finnish Floorball leagues. Look out for this versatile and agile veteran known to be a game changer.
Angela Model  A Swiss-born Singaporean with 3 sons, she has extraordinary stick work and she is excited to represent the country for the first time.
Fariza Zabir A tenacious and well-rounded goalie, she leads the team from the back. Watch out for her swift moves and harkening presence on court.

#9 J. Quek

#17 A. Model

#99 F. Zabir



This team is very young with few, more experienced players. They´ve intentionally selected young players for the future. Aim for the competition is to gain match experience, that is currently missing from the team. They help each other and talk a lot. Their team work is good and they will do it well.

Players to watch:
Ji Yul Maeng She is the team captain and one of the most experienced players who participated to 2013 WFC in Czech. She is physically and technically good and has a Taekwondo background.
Yejin Shim She is also physical and technically good. She is a runner and scorer. Important player in the team.
Seo Young Shin She is one of the youngest players in the team with good attitude for the sport. Mentally strong and enjoys the competition. She can score!

#11 J. Maeng

#77 Y. Shim

#55 S. Shin



This is the first WFCQ for the team after they last participated in the Women´s WFC 2005 in Singapore. The team rooster is a good blend of youth and experience. Missing out on the WFC scene for the last 12 years, the team will hope to close the gap between the bigger floorball nations in the region in this qualifier.

Players to watch:
Fathih Hasni Binti Che Husain Playing as a centre, she has good vision, speed and deadly shots to break the opponent´s defence.
Ang Ling Ling The 21 year-old is another centre of the team that has good speed and technical skills. She makes up her lack in size with tireless runs to close down opponents.
Nurfarah Syahira Binti Md Yusof Her acceleration and hard shots will be a key for the team to get goals.

#92 F.H. Binti Che Husain

#22 A. Ling Ling

#7 N.S. Binti Md Yusof



All team and player information is provided by the teams themselves and only edited by IFF.


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