An International Floorball Development seminar was carried out in Gwalior in India from the 9th to 11th of September. It was the second international seminar, which took place in India.

There were more than 70 participants from all over India divided to two blocks, coaching and refereeing. ITM university in Gwalior provided the facilities for the seminar in the university classrooms and playground and also provided the accommodation for the participants in its campus area.

In coaching block the seminar concentrated to educate the students to coach a team, run the practices, observer the players and also some game tactics were handled. Referee part concentrated on the rule interpretations, movements of the referees and basically what it is to be a referee. The seminar included both classroom and practical education sessions and also somereal Floorball games.

From the IFF’s side the educators were Mr. Saravanan Rajamanikam from Singapore and Mr. Veli Halonen from the IFF office. The Indian Floorball Federation hosted the seminar together with the ITM university and Mr. Atul Gupta, the Senior Vice President of the Indian Floorball Federation was in charge of the seminar from the Indian side.

 It was amazing to see the enthusiasm of the participants and their will to learn about Floorball coaching and refereeing. There are also quite a few very talented players among the participants and they have a great future ahead of them, says Mr. Veli Halonen, the IFF operations coordinator.
– As soon as the Indian Federation will “go” international and start to play more international games the growth of Floorball will be huge in India, he continues.

Floorball has grown in India rapidly and it’s spread all over the country and to all major cities and regions. The number of players is increasing and more and more schools are involved with Floorball.

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