All the teams were in front of new challenges on the day two in the EuroFloorball Challenge. New teams, new games and anything could happen. Some decisive games already to be played, which would possibly decide some of the final teams already.


IFK Paris-FBC Bozen 2-3

Two teams with revenge in their eyes entered the rink for the first match of day 2 in the EFCh 2016.Paris had a lot of ball control in the first period but it was Bozen that scored the first goal after 5 minutes. In the end of the period Paris got a power play opportunity but did not score any goal.

Bozen got off to an excellent start of the second period, scoring in box-play for a 2-0 lead after 20 seconds.The French team continued controlling the ball but the Italian defence was tight and the goalkeeper well placed so after the 2nd period there were still no goals scored for Paris having now completed 5 periods in this event without scoring.

In the 3rd period the match opened up a bit and the first French goal came after less than 2 minutes.Chances were suddenly given and taken but no goals were scored until 56:08 when Paris equalized the match to 2-2. The French happiness lasted for 38 seconds but then Bozen decided the match when they used a free-hit situation in the slot area to score the winning 3-2 goal.The result means that Paris is no longer in the position to reach the final but for Bozen that option is still open.

Lyon FC-Phoenix Fireball 4-3 PS

Also the second match of the day saw two teams having lost in the first round.
In a very open match Lyon took an early lead which was equalized in a few minutes and then again, with 5 minutes to go of the first period regained the lead and had 2-1 after the period.

Phoenix dominated the 2nd period and put the French goalkeeper under great pressure but she handled that very well. It took until 36:39 before the equalizer came but again, with some 40 seconds left of the period, Lyon again took the lead and could go to the 2nd intermission with a 3-2 lead.

After 53 seconds of the 3rd period Phoenix could equalize shorthanded and even though both teams had a lot of chances to score the 3-3 goal was the last during ordinary game time.
In the penalty shots the Lyon keeper Guillemette Beyron kept the net clean and Lyon could win the match 4-3 after penalty shots.

The outcome of this match means that Phoenix Fireball can’t reach the final but Lyon still has the chance.

CDE El Valle-Neumann Pillangok 6-5 PS

With two winners from the first round meeting each other this match was about securing a place in the final.Pillangok came out best and had a firm grip in the start of the match, producing a lot of chances and also scored the first goal at 4:31. A 2-minute power play for El Valle was successful and the Spanish team could equalize to 1-1. This goal and a 5-minute penalty power play for El Valle a bit later changed the match even though there was no goal scored during that bench penalty.

El Valle instead took the lead early in the 2nd period and when first Pillangok missed a penalty shot followed by 3-1 to El Valle it looked like the match had turned in favour of the Spanish team.
Towards the end of the period the match turned into a coast-to-coast battle where first Pillangok scored their second goal which a minute later was followed by 4-2 to El Valle. And half a minute later the Hungarians reduced the gap to 4-3, which was the result after 2 periods.

The open play continued in the 3rd period. At 44:20 Paula Arenal Beltran scored her 3rd and El Valles 5th goal. Less than two minutes later Nora Susztak scored her 3rd and Pillangoks 4th goal and after 51:49 Pillangok equalized to 5-5 in a power play, a result that lasted to the end of ordinary game time.The match had to be decided on Penalty shots and 5 shots each was not enough to settle this battle but two rounds more was needed before El Valle could win the match and secure a spot in the Final on Sunday. Pillangok can still reach the final, this will be decided in their 3rd round match vs Lyon.

Phoenix Fireball-Dunai Krokodilok 12-1

The Hungarian derby closing the 2nd round in the men’s tournament was decided already in the first period when Phoenix went to a 4-0 lead before 13 minutes was played. The Crocodiles got a power play after 15 minutes but did not score even though they played it quite well.

The big picture of the game was as was the first period. Phoenix controlled the game and kept scoring and with the victory they secured the spot in the men´s EuroFloorball Challenge final on Sunday. Krokodilok still has a chance to make it to the final if they win against IFK Paris tomorrow.


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