The teams for the 2016 EuroFloorball Cup and Challenge have been decided.
The EFC will be played in Weissenfels, Germany from 5th – 9th October, with 6 teams for both men and women (12 teams in total).

The EuroFloorball Cup is the championship tournament for the 5th and lower ranked European national club champions.

The winners of EFC 2016 will qualify directly to Champions Cup 2017. When the EFC winners participate in Champions Cup 2017 they will each receive 5 000 CHF prize money.


  Group A   Group B
Saint Petersburg United (RUS) Sveiva IB (NOR)
SK Fbk Kométa Spišská Nová Ves (SVK) Olimpia Osowa Gdansk(POL)
UHC Sparkasse Weissenfels (GER) MFBC Grimma (GER)


  Group A   Group B
Lielvarde (LAT) Tunet IBK (NOR)
FBC Spartak Moscow (RUS)

SK Link Saku (EST)
UHC Sparkasse Weissenfels (GER) TV Lilienthal (GER)

Photo: EFC 2015 Kekava-MFBC Grimma

The EuroFloorball Challenge 2016 will be played in Budakalászi Sportcsarnok, Budapest, Hungary, 25th – 28th August 2016.

The participating teams are:
IFK Paris (FRA)
Phoenix Fireball SE (HUN)
FBC Bozen (ITA)
Dunai Krokodilok (HUN)

Lyon FC (FRA)
Phoenix Fireball SE (HUN)
CDE El Valle (ESP)
Neumann Pillangok FT (HUN)

The schedule can be found as PDF here.

The EuroFloorball Challenge is the championship tournament for the European national club champions ranked lower than the EuroFloorball Cup teams. The tournament will this year be played in one division but could, depending on number of registered teams, be played in several divisions.

The EFCh 2016 winners in both the Men´s and Women´s categories will qualify directly to the EuroFloorball Cup 2017. When the EFCh winners participate in the EFC 2017 they will get the equivalent of the participating fee in the EFC (currently 2500 CHF) as prize money for the EFCh win.

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