The 3rd of June 2016 marks an important milestone in the development of floorball in Indonesia when the Indonesian Floorball Association (IFA) was accepted as an official member of the National Sports Committee of Indonesia (KONI).

IFA was approved as the 64th member in KONI during KONI´s ceremony in Jakarta. Also the IFA Officials for the period of 2016-2020 were elected in connection with the ceremony.

Signing of official documents by IFA’s President, Prof. Dr. Toho Cholik Mutohir, MA PhD witnessed by KONI’s President – Major General TNI (Retired) Tono Suratman

It has been a long journey for IFA to reach this point. Under the leadership of Prof. Toho Cholik Mutohir as President and Mr. Raymond Nangoy as Secretary General, IFA officials and floorball players in Indonesia have been dedicating their love for floorball by working together to bring this sport to the next level in this country.

– IFA is also very grateful for the support that has been given by KONI and Mr. Tono Suratman and the International Floorball Federation (IFF) and its President Mr. Tomas Eriksson as well as all floorball friends throughout the world. Another journey now starts and we will have a lot to achieve and to learn together! Mr. Nangoy says.

The IFA has continued to develop floorball since November 2012 when the new IFA Officials were elected and a lot has been accomplished throughout these 3,5 years. This recognition is one of the steps in establishing floorball as an official sport in Indonesia.

National Sports Committee of Indonesia (KONI) and Indonesian Floorball Association (IFA) officials after the ceremony

In order to be recognised by KONI Pusat, IFA had to go through a long process. There were a lot of criteria that IFA had to meet before it could be officially recognised by KONI (proper governance, support from regional offices, tournament/activity track records, etc.).

IFA also held the coordination meeting between all IFA officials to discuss about IFA’s programme agenda for 2016-2017. It was decided that IFA will collaborate closely with KONI in their programme development because KONI is responsible on sport development on the national level.

Coordination meeting between IFA Officials.

– IFA will continuously develop floorball in Indonesia and work closely with relevant stakeholders on the domestic level. IFA will also work side by side with the Asia Oceanic Floorball Confederation (AOFC) and the International Floorball Federation (IFF) in order to develop the sport further, particularly in South East Asia. We hope to realise this ultimate goal and look forward to start this new journey: One World, One Ball. – Floorball! Mr. Nangoy concludes.

Some of the IFA Officials for the period 2016-2020

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