The Men´s and Women´s play-offs have reached the stage when only the decisive medal matches are still to be played. The Polish Superfinals will be played in Nowy Targ on Saturday May 14th 2016.

The Superfinal day will start with the Women´s bronze match and continue with the Men´s bronze match. The home teams from Nowy Targ are playing in both the Men´s and Women´s finals.

Superfinals schedule:
Women´s bronze: MMKS Podhale Nowy Targ –  Multi – 75 Killers Kraków 11:00 CET
Men´s bronze: MUKS Zielonka – Fenomen Babimost 14:00 CET
Women´s final: Energa Olimpia Osowa Gdańsk – SUS Travel Jedynka Trzebiatów 17:00 CET
Men´s final Górale Nowy Targ – Szarotka Nowy Targ 20:00 CET

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